The School of Education is All About Experience

The Teacher Education Unit at Olivet Nazarene University prepares candidates to enter or to continue in the richly diverse teaching profession through offering well conceived and sound academic programs in a distinctive Christian environment. Preschool-12 preservice certification programs integrate a solid liberal arts core with specialized theoretical/pedagogical/clinical offerings while graduate degree programs focus on inservice teachers' professional growth and development. All Unit programming is designed to produce graduates who become "Professionals Influencing Lives."

Olivet Nazarene University , a denominational university in the Wesleyan tradition, exists to provide a liberal arts “Education with a Christian Purpose.” Our mission is to provide high quality academic instruction for the purpose of personal development, career and professional readiness, and the preparation of individuals for lives of service to God and humanity. “We seek the strongest scholarship and the deepest piety, knowing that they are thoroughly compatible (and)...a Christian environment...where not only knowledge but character is sought.” (Quotation from the University Catalog of 1915.)